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Look Back

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During this time of great uncertainty we have been encouraged and humbled by the generosity and support of our community!

Because of our supporter we were able to provide assistance and achieve our goals of helping Law Enforcement Members/First Responders and their families with issues they commonly have to face. EPIC 4x4 Quest was able to hold two Law Enforcement Run/Ride-alongs. With each of those runs there were about 8-12 first responders and their families. These runs are our way of helping first responders get out in the backcountry where they are just about forced to disconnect, be in nature, and feel the support and be surrounded by other law enforcement/first responders. Additionally, EPIC 4x4 Quest was able to provide them with pastries in the morning for breakfast and dinner in the evening. All EPIC 4x4 Quest events sold out! The 2nd Annual Event sold out in under 10 minutes. Despite Covid 19 hitting around the same time as the M.O.A.B. Event registration opening, and being the new event, we were able to still fill up the slots! Each of our fundraiser runs were positive with at least 5-10 rigs signed up for each of those events. EPIC 4x4 Quest was able to cover all overhead expenses and insurance. We were surprised by a 165% increase in cost with insurance, but with your donations, participation in our events, and our amazing sponsors we were able to keep things going! Even with the significant increase to insurance we were able to pass up our goals for 2020! We paid 2020 insurance, have saved up funds to hopefully cover 2021 insurance, were able to get radios to use for our events, and still generate a donation for MC1 Foundation. EPIC 4x4 Quest was able to donate $4680 to MC1 Foundation! MC1 Foundation will use the funds to continue providing support to the Colorado public service employees, i.e. first responders. In 2020, MC1 Foundation was able to provide assistance to 8 public service employees/families, with a total of $34,834 being donated to those families.

2019 Look Back

2019 was an instrumental year for EPIC 4x4 Quest. This was the year, we got everything in place and started officially operating as a nonprofit organization. We opened registration for our Inaugural Annual Event on February 1, 2019, and had all the slots we were hopeful to fill sold out within 5 days. Due to the high demand, we worked to get two additional slots opened to meet the waiting list that occurred. The event took place in August 2019 and went as well as we had hoped, if not actually better. Through this event, we were able to raise $1,520.00 that we then donated to the Colorado Police Officer’s Foundation at the end of the year on December 14, 2019. The Colorado Police Officer’s Foundation and Badge to Badge will be using the funds towards two Trauma Retreats they will be holding in 2020. In addition to our Annual Event, EPIC 4x4 Quest held two Law Enforcement Member Run/Ride-Along events. One took place in summer and other in the fall. These events are near and dear to our hearts as it is away, we directly are able to give back to those that give so much to others! While 2019 was amazing and more than we ever thought possible in year one, we are excited and looking forward to what 2020 holds.

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