Law Enforcement members run/ride-along

If you are in law enforcement these events are for you! These events are FREE to law enforcement members - active, retired, sworn in and non-sworn in positions. Volunteers take law enforcement members on offroad trails, either by them riding along in one of our vehicles or them following along in their own 4x4 vehicle. These events give those that are in law enforcement the ability to disconnect and rejuvenate out in the beautiful backcountry of Colorado.

epic 4x4 quest

annual event

Participants that buy a slot for this event are signing up for an epic quest where there are ZERO ideas of where they are going, what trails they are doing, or where they will be staying. The event is completely planned out, hotels arranged in advance, and takes place over 4 days and 3 nights. Cost is per vehicle/rig and will cover the hotels, activities, and a few possible dinners. The cost of the event does not cover gas and meals, as that will be an additional expense the participants will have throughout the trip.

open to all trail runs for donation

These events will be offered to all to register and sign-up to participate. The donation will be associated with the registration and participation of the event, and a donation receipt will be provided at the end the of year for the amount contributed. The suggested donation amount will be listed in the event postings. EPIC 4x4 Quest Board members and volunteers will lead those that register and donate through offroad trails. Trails will vary, as well as minimum vehicle requirements for the events.

EPIC 4x4 Quest

MOAB Event

This event will be similar to the annual event, but will take place in central location MOAB! You will have a hotel arranged for you, but will not know what trails will be run so there is still some surprise elements. Some other activities and dinners could be covered in cost as well.

build off &

Car show

Planning to start Spring of 2021

Are you an Offroad Shop with an awesome build, Did you just get done with a major build on your rig, Do you have a rig be it street legal or trail princess that you want to show off? This event will allow you to enter to show off and try to win best in your class. Multiple categories to choose to enter. Vendors will be welcomed! For attendees you will get to vote and say who you think should win! More information to come in 2020.

4x4 Community award event

Planning to start Fall of 2021

This event is to bring the entire offroading community despite make or model of offroad vehicle. This will give a chance for organizations, clubs, 4x4 groups, and individuals to get together to celebrate the good that has taken place over the year. More information to come in 2020.


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