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About EPIC 4x4 Quest

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Helping Law Enforcement Members & Their Family

EPIC 4x4 Quest believes it is important to give back to those that serve and sacrifice so much by putting the well being and safety of others first!​ Nathan Livingston and Candice Livingston, started the idea and development phase of the nonprofit in February 2018. This nonprofit was created with an overall purpose to help law enforcement members and their families while raising awareness of issues they face. To do this there are three key pieces. First, social media platforms to bring the issues forward. Second, events specifically for law enforcement member to provide an ability to disconnect and be in nature helping both their mental and physical health. Lastly, and most importantly, to generate revenue through an annual event as well as other periodic offroading day events to help law enforcement and their families with issues commonly faced by law enforcement.

EPIC 4x4 Quest is FULLY volunteer run. We became incorporated with the state of Colorado as a nonprofit corporation in January 2019, and obtained our 501(c)(3) tax exempt status with IRS February 2019. Revenue generated through EPIC 4x4 Quest is used to allow the organization to hold events specifically for law enforcement and, most importantly, to help support other nonprofit organizations in Colorado, such as MC1 Foundations, Badge 2 Badge, and the Colorado Police Officer's Foundation, that offer amazing programs to help our law enforcement officers.​

Check out this interview of Candice by Shoutout Colorado to learn even more!

Shoutout CO

Why support law enforcement?

The job of a law enforcement officer is often stressful, demanding, and can be dangerous. According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, the national number of officers who died in 2018 increased by almost 12% over 2017. Due to the high demands, stress, and trauma that are associated with a law enforcement job often leave law enforcement members struggling with mental health issues, such as anxiety, PTSD and depression. Blue Help reported, in 2018, at least 167 officers died by suicide, which is more than the total number of line of duty deaths.  The lifestyle and culture that comes with being a law enforcement officer affect more than just the officer, it affects the spouses/partners, parents, and children.


Fall Law Enforcement Run Participants

Amazing DAY!!! Such great people, such a beautiful place- 


Bill & Jana

Annual Event Survey Response

The attention to detail, expertise, knowledge, coordination, and still gave individual attention to every member; it was incredible.

Annual Event Participant


Summer Law Enforcement Run Participant

Love what you do! Wish I could make all of them.

Sheriff Mobley

Annual Event Participant


Annual Event Participant

Hey Candice, thinking we need a Winter Epic Quest... do we really have to wait until Summer?

Annual Event Participant

Mountain Path

Annual Event Participant

Thank you Candice, Nathan, Kevin, Kim, and David. This trip was truly epic. And a great group to experience it with. I hope to see you all on the trails. And maybe hit a few together. I will definitely try to sign up for more of the Epic ones in the future. I had an awesome time.


Annual Event Participant

Absolutely outstanding trip!!! 

Thank you for a great opportunity to meet wonderful people and excellent service, coordination, and guiding from Epic leader crew!!!

Candice, Nathan, Kevin, Kim, and David... hats off for all you did!!!

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