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Meet The Team

Committed to the Cause

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of volunteers is the backbone of EPIC 4x4 Quest. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop.


Nathan Livingston


President & Chair


Nathan is the founder of the organization. He had an idea to use his passion of offroading to give back to the community. He came up with and developed this nonprofit. He wanted to support Law Enforcement as he saw a need in our communities, state and country. He is an entrepreneur and business owner for over 15 years. He truly understands what it takes to start and run a company. He is exceptional at decision making, leadership, and has effective communication, marketing, budgeting, and bookkeeping skills. Nathan is a strong leader both for the organization as well as on the trails. Has great offroading experience, trail planning, leading trails, and spotting on the offroad trails. Nathan puts his heart into every aspect of this organization. His desire to give back and help our law enforcement is unprecedented.

Candice Livingston


VP & Treasurer


Candice is the Co-Founder of the organization. She worked with Nathan to bring the idea and concept to life with all the needed legal pieces. Candice's background is as a registered nurse with a masters in informatics. She has served on several committees and boards through her nursing career, as well as on multiple positions on different nonprofit organizations. She is great at planning and organizing events and loves doing it. She is very detail-oriented and able to look at the logistics and how to make the event happen. She ensures all documents and funds are correctly obtained and utilized. Additionally, she maintains of all the social media and helps with the website needs for the organization. She is committed and focused on the mission and brings awareness to issues faced by law enforcement.

Kevin Hansen



Kevin is an asset as he is knowledgeable in offroading with a strong ability to guide and lead others. He has been with the organization from the idea stage. Kevin has own and ran his own business and lead and supervised multiple people on a team. He understands and knows what it takes to operate a business and lead others. His offroading experience and calm demeanor make him a great leader and one of the best spotters you will ever meet on the trail! Kevin is a Colorado Native bringing great knowledge about the state, offroading trails, and connections both in Colorado and parts of Utah. He has, even from before the organization was brought to life, supported the mission of the organization helping to publicize and willing to help however and whenever needed.

Kimberly Rose



Kimberly, or Kim for short, brings many assets to the organization. Kim has strong organizational skills with the ability to effectively and efficiently plan. She is always quick to jump in to help where and when she can. She is an effective communicator and proactive problem-solver. Kim is a skilled multitasker and always finds a way to get the job done. She loves offroading and being out on the trails in nature. Kim enjoys helping others and is excited about helping to reach EPIC 4x4 Quest's mission. She's been connected with the nonprofit, as a volunteer, before taking on the secretary position. Her knowledge and experience bring a great perspective and fresh new ideas to the organization.

David Reiners


Director at Large
(Communications & Safety)

David is The Telephone Man! Running his own business, in communications, he brings a lot to the table. David is our go-to for all coms, including HAM radios and radio towers. He also has served with multiple nonprofit organizations, as well as functioning on their board of directors, providing great direction and viewpoints. David is very experienced in offroading with excellent recovery skills and knowledge to ensure safety! David also holds a BOD position with Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery. Additionally, he offers a fabulous perspective as he has multiple family members that are or were part of law enforcement. David is always quick to jump in and help in any area of need, always going above and beyond. He is fully committed to this organization and mission!

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