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At any time, the rules are not followed the EPIC 4x4 Quest Board of Directors have the right to remove you from an event and to exclude and prevent your involvement in any future EPIC 4x4 Quest or EPIC 4x4 Quest partnering events.


Must have an active driver’s license, auto insurance, state license plate and current registration for events that require street/HWY driving.


Release and waiver of liability, assumption of risk, and indemnity agreement MUST be read, agreed, and signed prior to participating in any run/event. Anyone joining ANY event/run will be expected to listen to and follow any directions given by those hosting/running the event, failure to do so can result in being removed from the event/run or prevented from joining in future.


State laws regarding all alcohol, marijuana, and drug use MUST be followed. Alcohol will NOT be supplied by EPIC 4x4 Quest during ANY event. Consumption of marijuana or any drugs while at an event, and alcohol during any events that require driving is NOT permitted.


Criminal mischief, malice, or vandalism is NOT permitted.


When offroading you MUST stay the trail at all times, Tread  use trail etiquette, and pack out anything you pack in (leave the trails and environment cleaner than you found it).


Be respectful! Treat one another, members, law enforcement and the general public, politely and civilly. Bullying, bashing, badgering, hatred, and drama will NOT be tolerated.

See the Guides for more details. Guide includes rules outlined, again, with extensive details on Wavers, Treading Lightly, Leaving No Trace, Staying the Trail, Trail Etiquette, Safety, and additional information related to communication (coms & radios) and making sure you are being followed.

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